Senior Management

The Anti-Corruption Commission Directorate is headed by a Director -General, who is assisted by a Deputy Director-General, the Secretary to the Commission and four (4) Directors. In line with its core functions, the Commission has established five (5) departments and these are:

(i) Investigations;
(ii) Legal and Prosecutions;
(iii) Corruption Prevention;
(iv) Community Education; and,
(v) Human Resource, Finance and Administration.

However, the Commission has also established a Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, an Internal Audit Unit, a Procurement and Supplies Unit and a Corporate Affairs Unit. Below is the Commission Management Team:

Mr. Thom Trevor Shamakamba
Director – General

Deputy Director General

Mr. Ivor Mukwanka
Secretary to the Commission

Mrs. Glenda Mungalaba
Director Corruption Prevention

Mrs. Stella Mulenga
Director Legal and Prosecutions

Mrs. Dorothy Cheelo
Director Public Education

Mr. Raymond Chiboola
Director of Investigations

Mission Statement

“To effectively and impartially prevent and combat corruption in order to promote integrity, transparency and accountability for the attainment of a corruption-free Zambia”

Vision Statement

“A proactive, impartial and professional anti-corruption agency that promotes the attainment of a corruption free Zambia”

Our Values

Excellence, Accountability, Respect, Confidentiality, Transparency, Collaboration, Impartiality, Loyalty, Responsibility and Patriotism