Corruption Fight Not Witch-Hunt – ACC

The Anti-Corruption Commission notes repeated sentiments that it has focused its fight on past corruption and is not pursuing current acts of corruption.
The Commission further notes that the people and entities that have repeatedly pushed this position and agenda have not indicated which present acts of corruption the Commission is not investigating nor acting upon. They have also not indicated which cases of present corruption that they have reported but which the Commission has not acted upon.
The Commission remains focused on robustly and ruthlessly fighting past, present and future corruption and reiterates the position that its fight against corruption is not restricted to corruption committed in the past.
The Commission urges the public to report any acts of corruption irrespective of who the perpetrator is. The political persuasion or affiliation of any individual committing corruption does not matter to the Commission neither does the period when the acts were committed.
The Anti-Corruption Commission is on an unstoppable and relentless crusade to vigorously and ruthlessly fight past and present corruption. Anyone presently committing corruption or planning to do so will pay a very high price.