ACC Shares Scope of National Integrity Program with Nigeria

The Anti-Corruption Commission recently met with officials from Nigerian Customs Command Staff College who are undertaking a study tour of the Zambia Revenue Authority under the theme: ‘Promoting a New Integrity Culture in Modern Customs Administration.’

The delegation includes staff from the Nigeria Customs Command College and students.

ACC Director-Corruption Prevention Mrs. Glenda Mungalaba addressing the meeting.

Anti-Corruption Commission Director Corruption Prevention Mrs. Glenda Mungalaba informed the entourage that as part of the National Anti-Corruption Policy which was launched in 2009, the National Integrity Programme for Zambia has seen the establishment of Integrity Committees in various public institutions and two in the private sector. She said the Integrity Committees are tasked with the responsibility of streamlining corruption prevention mechanisms, promoting integrity and ethical behavior as well as dealing with maladministration  in organizations.

She said employees of an institution better understand the work processes and work environment that promote corruption and are therefore better placed to participate in sealing loopholes of corruption.

Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College delegation leader Mr. Kenneth Olowo speaking at the meeting

And the head of the Nigerian delegation Mr. Kenneth Olowo informed the Commission that Nigeria has a Code of Conduct Bureau, whose existence is established through the Constitution and is tasked to handle cases of misconduct among public officials including managing the declaration of assets for all public officers. He said there exists a Code of Conduct Tribunal that hears cases on the violation or breach of the Code of Conduct.